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To provide an ideal learning environment promoting safety, integrity, confidence, and techical competence for well control training through the utilization of continuous education, real world experience, and classroom instruction. American Well Control Academy pledges to bring various corners of the oil and gas industry together to assist today’s military and petroleum veterans in grasping the complexities of well control to achieve incident free operations.

299 Mecca Drive, Lafayette, LA 70508

1202 St. Charles Street, Houma, LA 70360

At our American Well Control Academy we assist our clientele to instil higher levels of learning and competency to provide their employees with the ability to transition the knowledge they learned during training back to their work environments.

Trainees gain more in-depth, role-specific knowledge and the confidences needed to prevent safety incidents or to respond quickly and effectively when unforeseen events do occur.

Enhanced assessment process:

IADC’s improved assessment process ensures integrity and consistency.

  • – Centralized electronic testing system, including random test generation
  • – Immediate test results and feedback based on learning objectives
  • – Independently proctored assessments
  • – Strengthened instructor qualification requirements


American Well Control Academy Bryant Billiot – BBilliot@americanwellcontrolacademy.com 337-552-8991

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